Healing from Birth Trauma

Some mothers, fathers, and even birth workers have been a part of births that were unsettling or traumatic. Having unwished-for events, unexpected outcomes, or a birth experience that is very different from the expectations that were set up for you can cause an emotional wound. Even births that would not be clearly defined as “traumatic” often have little moments that choke you up when you talk about them, or make you wince when others people react to them.

Many mothers will stop telling parts of their story, or stop telling their story all together because of the way other people “listen” to their experience.

Making comments like “at least you have a healthy baby,” telling you what you should have done differently, or planning do-overs for your next birth is not a constructive way to listen, and can be a source of trauma in and of itself.

What is Birth Story Listening?

My approach to birth story healing is a whole new way of approaching the story teller, helping her/him to reframe the story, or feel a mental shift in order to get some relief from the pain their birth has been causing them. The goal of Birth Story Listening is to help you begin to see your experience in a new way.This process acknowledges that your birth was not an isolated event, but part of a series of events including your pregnancy, preparation, and entire life…all the way back to the first birth story you ever heard. In birth story processing sessions I will truly listen to your story, and help you look at it in a whole new way that honors you as a mother, as a woman, and as a person. You will leave with a whole new feeling around your birth story, which can penetrate all areas of your being and bring new healing and clarity to your daily life.

What does a Birth Story Listening session include?

Birth Story Healing sessions typically last for 60-90 minutes. It is important that you leave your children in the care of the other parent or another caregiver so that you can take this time to fully focus on your healing. Most sessions take place in the privacy of your own home but other locations may be available upon request. Birth Story Healing sessions are $75 – $100 sliding scale, or $65 for clients in my prenatal classes and doula care. Contact Barrie directly at barrie@fullmoonbirthseattle.com to set up a session.  

birth story healing

“I am so glad I did birth story listening with Barrrie. It was a positive, healing experience. I felt like she facilitated the healing process in a compassionate and sensitive way.”
– Chelsea, Mom of four
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