Seattle & Eastside Birth Doula Care

I offer labor and birth doula care for parents in the greater Seattle and Eastside areas, including hospital, birth center and home births. I am comfortable and experienced working with a variety of health care providers.

Seattle and Eastside DoulaDuring our pre-natal visits we will work together to address your wishes, needs, questions and dreams. In addition to our conversations we may decide to use a variety of tools such as: learning comfort measures, positions for labor and birth, pain-coping practices, visualizations, birth art, storytelling, preparing for unwished for events, and more.

As your doula I am experienced with birth, having both attended many births and birthed two of my own babies. I provide emotional and physical support to both the mother during labor and birth and to the partner and family. I assist the partner in supporting the mother during labor and birth. I may suggest positions, pain coping practices, or comfort measures to assist you in labor. I may offer visualizations, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on.

Most importantly, I respect the process of labor and birth and I trust you as a birthing woman and her partner to navigate your own way through this incredible experience in your lives. I am here to support you and walk with you along your journey.

Why Choose Doula Care?

Current research has shown that the presence of a calm and knowledgeable doula at birth tends to decrease the need for interventions and pain medication. It also tends to reduce the incidence of Cesarean birth. It can also help increase the Mother’s and Partner’s satisfaction with their birth experience.

My rates for birth doula care are $1000-$1500 based on your ability to pay and your satisfaction with my services.

My birth doula care includes:

  • a free initial interview
  • at least two, in-home, pre-natal planning visits
  • unlimited email and phone support
  • continuous labor support until approximately two hours after the birth of your baby
  • services provided for both home and Seattle/Eastside area hospital births
  • two, in-home, postpartum visits
  • birth story listening during the final postpartum visit
  • T.E.N.S. Unit use and rental
  • Massage during labor or prenatal and postpartum visits

“During labor and delivery she was my rock. She helped me become a ‘birth warrior’ even though things didn’t go exactly as planned. I loved Barrie as my doula and I think you will too!” – Mary, First Time Mother read more…