What my clients are saying about my childbirth classes…

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Barrie works magic in her childbirth classes. Somewhere in the midst of sitting us expectant couples down on or beside a birthing ball, and leading us through group conversations regarding our feelings and instincts about parenthood and preparing for the big event through decision-making exercises and role-play, we realized at the end of five weeks that we had acquired an education in childbirth without ever feeling like we had been taught! Her selective use of technology–she prefers instead to use teaching aids you can touch and feel–is a breath of fresh air. Long after our class has ended, Barrie is still an ever-available friend and guide.”-Chandana & Rahul

“When we decided to have our son naturally, we knew nothing. We never even saw a birthing video or read any books on it. We never even saw what a new born looked like after birth. We were recommended to Barrie through another doula and we were excited to prepare ourselves for our sons arrival; little did we know we’d also learn so much more about ourselves and our marriage through the classes. Through Barrie’s exercises and birth art we got a deeper understanding of what birthing our son would be about.

Our labor lasted a total of over 25 hours. It was a difficult labor, but with the techniques we learned and the deeper connection we gained as a couple allowed us to get through the birth and to enjoy our amazing son. We have such an amazing birthing story now. Our love for each other and our son is way more intense now with the birth journey we went through together as a family.”

“While teaching her birthing classes, Barrie takes an open-minded approach to a very personal experience. Above all, she is committed to making the birthing experience yours. You cannot help but feel a sense of confidence in your choices and an uncanny belief in yourself, and each other, after each engagement with Barrie. We are grateful to have experienced a birth-art session with her at our home. Neither of us are creatively inclined, but after Barrie focused us, we put the pastels to paper; revealing unexplored perspectives of what we anticipate our birthing process will be. Birth art, with Barrie as a guide, left us more aware and reassured. Her kindness and sincerity are unmatched!” -Anne and Brian

“As a total novice coming in, I felt encouraged and empowered in my position as a father and as a novice. I really appreciated how Barrie approached the fathers of the group and how she made us feel important in the process.” -Brady

What my clients are saying about my doula care…

“Barrie is truly an amazing person. I interviewed 3 doulas before meeting with her and I knew from that moment that she was the right doula for me. She worked closely with my husband and I in the months leading up to the birth of our son. We discussed things that I would have never thought about on my own and offered to help me work through some fears that I had as I approached the end of my pregnancy. Her support and guidance during labor was AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be there and I’m honored that she was there the day my son was born.” -Jaime

Doula Testimonial SeattleMy husband and I spent months trying to find a doula – we emailed and interviewed dozens. After each interview it seemed he and I could never agree. Then one day a friend of ours recommend Barrie 🙂 We scheduled an interview and were immediately impressed by her warmth, kindness, and knowledge. After the interview I turned to my husband and said, “She’s the one!” and he replied, “Yep!”

Before I became pregnant I knew absolutely nothing about pregnancy or babies. Seriously. I knew nothing! Barrie was excellent at checking in on me throughout my pregnancy — either by email, phone or home visit. And she made it very clear that I could contact her anytime with questions or concerns. We even attended her 5 week childbirth class (which I also highly recommend). She is an incredibly thoughtful teacher — she listens carefully and gives answers with options (meaning she doesn’t believe there’s one-right-way for everybody).

I highly recommend, Barrie! You won’t find a kinder, more thoughtful, understanding and dedicated Doula.” -Lani

“They call it labor for a reason and if you are a first-time mom or even a second-time mom, you need a doula like Barrie for this much deserved support. To prepare for the birth, Barrie answered all our questions, showed us techniques and coping methods preparing us as much as she could for the birth. My labor was unusually long and Barrie was with us for over 19 hours from 5am until midnight after our daughter was born. She coached me though my wild and wonderful birthing experience and helped my husband support me – one contraction at a time. She visited us at home and was always willing to help and in the end I felt that I not only had a doula but a friend next to me which made all the difference to us.” -Anyieth

“Barrie is a knowledgeable, calm, and empathetic doula. She was super helpful before labor to help me clarify what I wanted for my birth experience (natural). She was very helpful during labor, but never displaced my husband as my primary support. I really wanted to avoid an epidural (for many reasons) and when the going got tough and I started to doubt myself, she helped refocus me and I got through transition. As a bonus, she does massage – which was lovely before and after labor.” -T.B.

“I am so grateful that Barrie was by my side through my birth. I had a home birth with two wonderful midwives, my husband, mother-in-law and Barrie as my doula. Barrie was with me from the beginning of my contractions to the very end and provided the loving, supportive care that I had dreamed of when I was planning my birth. I had a water tub for laboring and she accommodated my pacing, walks, floating and crouching! Even after my midwives had left, Barrie continued her doula magic. She is nonjudgmental, creative, intuitive and ever-so-present. I highly recommend her and can’t find enough words to thank her for the memories that will last forever.” -Lisa W

“We had a wonderful experience with Barrie Thunemann as our Doula – twice! If you are looking for the following traits, then Barrie is a perfect choice for you: Expert medical knowledge. Very calming, caring & compassionate. Great, strong advocate for your birth plan desires (no ulterior agendas whatsoever). Wonderful teacher, guide & coach. We definitely recommend Barrie as a Doula!!-A & J

“My husband and I feel so fortunate to have had Barrie as our doula. She was such a great match for us. Her calming personality and steady encouragement was exactly what we needed. I ended up going into labor early, at just 37 weeks. Barrie sprang into action without any prior notice that I would be going into labor. Thank goodness! I’m quite certain that my labor and delivery would have been nearly unbearable without her presence. She was such a good coach, reminding me of the process, how my body was working, and what I could do to help move through the motions. Barrie has been an immense help since our daughter was born. She has offered me such support during the postpartum process, and is such an amazing listener.

I would recommend Barrie to anyone that is considering working with a doula!” -Amanda

“Barrie is AMAZING! I feel so fortunate and lucky to have found her. I interviewed several doula’s before finding Barrie and I knew right away she was the one. She is very professional, yet she felt like a friend right away. She is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful about childbirth and newborn care and always presented her information in a non-biased way so that we could make our own decisions. She provided exceptional care by checking in via email, text and phone calls during the days leading up to my labor and the very challenging days after birth, teaching us coping techniques and listening to all of our concerns prior to our birth.

During labor and deliver she was my rock. She supported me emotionally and helped me process the challenging information the health care professionals gave me. When my labor stalled out and I was told I needed pitocin, she helped us try every natural intervention we could to get things going. When I felt discouraged and scared she comforted me and helped me feel strong. She talked me through every painful contraction and offered massage, acupressure, different labor positions, breathing techniques and visualizations to help me cope. She helped my husband help me and gave him a break when he needed to rest. She helped me become a “birth warrior” even though things didn’t go exactly as planned. I think Barrie’s super power is her ability to listen and reflect back what she heard in a way that helps you see the positive in every situation. My voice as well as my husbands voice was always heard and acknowledged. She has the skills to truly empower her clients. I also loved and greatly appreciated our last session, a month after birth, when she helped me process my birth story and come to accept my experience as my own. I loved Barrie as my doula and I think you will too!” -Mary

“We had a wonderful experience using Barrie. She was very easy to work with was extraordinarily helpful during my delivery. She helped me with pain management and helped me to communicate effectively with the hospital staff by asking me key questions so that I understood what the staff were telling me and they understood what my questions/concerns were. Also, in the visits before the delivery, she did a great job of getting to know my husband and I and what our priorities were so that it felt like having a friend in the delivery room more than a stranger or staff member. She is a complete professional–knowing when to jump in and when to step back.

“One concern I had with hiring a doula was that I didn’t want to feel pressured to delay or avoid an epidural. Barrie was totally on board with my desire to use an epidural and at no time did I feel any pressure to continue laboring without it. Once I decided it was time, she helped to make sure it happened quickly and helped to make sure I knew what was going on with the procedure. Barrie was a huge asset to me and my husband in the labor and delivery of our son and if I were to have any more children, I would certainly want Barrie to be there!” -Jill

Praise for Birth Story Healing Sessions

“My labor and delivery went according to plan. Yet I was suffering deeply and felt traumatized from birth. Every time I thought about it, I would cry. What was wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be more thankful? It was hard to talk about, and when people asked, I could share the facts to get a positive response, or if I shared the struggle, I was left feeling ungrateful. I simply could not get the traumatic scene from playing over and over inside my head. A friend connected me with Barrie, and as soon as I read the description of her work on the website, I instantly felt validated in my experience and knew I wanted to meet. The session with Barrie helped me dig deeper. She didn’t focus on the facts and circumstances, but rather the details of that traumatic scene to seek healing and guide my heart towards acceptance and understanding. I felt honored and heard, and the session with Barrie truly gave me a transformative shift in perspective. No longer do I cry when I think about my birth, and no longer does that scene haunt me. Instead, I have more clarity and a deeper love of myself and my baby through my birth experience. Barrie helped me get to that place when I couldn’t get there alone.” -Alex

“I am so glad I did birth story listening with Barrrie. It was a positive, healing experience. I felt like she facilitated the healing process in a compassionate and sensitive way.” -Chelsea